Projects from the girls

Parris is currently a 6th grader at Madison Middle School.

She notes: “I live in a Laurel community called ‘Lumptown.’ I have been there all my life. I came to PAGE this past summer. I met plenty of new friends which helped me to learn how to speak out to more people. I loved making my digital story because it was so much fun."

Parris’s digital project is called “My Companion.”

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In our Digital Learning Lab, girls create multi-media learning projects that engage them with technology and literacy in fun but challenging ways. With our 5:1 teaching ratio, girls are able to create advanced digital projects that would be daunting to most adults.  With close support from our college interns and our staff, PAGE girls hone new technology skills as they gain confidence with self-expression, advanced language and literacy, and critical thinking.

At the end of each academic year, we close our intensive summer program with an Exhibition event that celebrates our students’ learning. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members join friends and supporters of PAGE, community members, and special guests to celebrate the ways that education can empower rural adolescent girls.

These projects take you on a journey inside the lives of PAGE girls and cast some of the most treasured things girls have inherited – home, family, their beautiful farms and mountains – in a new form for today’s 21st-century world.