Jacie Buckner and Alexis Wills are teenagers. Both grew up in the same Appalachian region of North Carolina. Jacie describes herself as quiet. Alexis says she is a rebel. They met in middle school, when they ran into each other in the lunchroom. ” I looked at Jacie and thought ‘oh my goodness, she’s going to hate me!'”Alexis says.

The two bonded over a shared background of farming. One day Jacie’s grandfather had an accident. He died and the family was stunned “I couldn’t talk about it, we were in shock,” Jacie says. But Alexis was one of the ones who understood. The two talked together. Jacie told stories of her grandfather and cried with her friend.

And then, exactly one year later, in a strange twist of fate, Alexis’s “Paw-Paw” died on the anniversary of Jacie’s loss.

The two used video to tell their story.

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